Monday, February 18, 2019


After failing to reach you on several occasions, I am making a final attempt to reach you as regards the estate of Late George Brumley, you were made one of the beneficiaries of his estate. Do get back to me at your earliest convenience. The Trustees

Friday, February 15, 2019

3rd Notice

We are making a final attempt to reach you as regards the estate of Late George Brumley, you were made one of the beneficiaries of his estate. Do get back to me at your earliest convenience. The Trustees

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Survey on CRAB-MIT Sea Grant Depth Chart of Charles River

This spring, the National Sea Grant Program will be evaluating the projects and accomplishments of the MIT Sea Grant College Program over the past four years.  A critical part of the review is testimony from partners on the positive impact of Sea Grant projects, including the CRAB and MIT Sea Grant Chart Project. 

In preparation for this site review, I would like to solicit feedback from the Charles River community about the impact of the Chart Project.  This feedback should include responses from people that lead and manage boathouses and programs as well as individual users of the river.  Please distribute the link to this survey to members of the river community.  

While our field work has been completed for the current version of the depth chart, we are actively exploring how the river has changed over time.  To that end, we have developed an archive of documents, reports, maps, and charts to provide a historical perspective on how the Charles River, Boston Harbor, and Boston, in general, has changed since 1630.  This archive can be found in the sidebar at  

Carl Zimba
Project Coordinator
CRAB and MIT Sea Grant Chart Project

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Cambridge Boat Club Craft Fair


It is cold on the River but warm in the clubs!  Please see attached and share with your members, family and friends, a flyer for the 
Cambridge Boat Club Arts & Craft Holiday Fair, 
Sunday, December 9th from 10AM to 2PM 
Cambridge Boat Club, 2 Gerry's Landing Road in Cambridge.

Local and boat club based artists will offer a variety of items for sale including artwork, ceramics, wearable items, hand painted cards and so much more.  
Check out the CRAB website at

Monday, September 24, 2018

October 14 HEADS UP, particularly for power boaters.


Race Course:  Eliot Bridge (near BB&N School) to North Beacon St. Bridge.
Race time:  Noon to roughly 1pm.  Might be faster, might be slower, depending on how young and/or inexperienced some of the rowers are.

the Head of the Quinnobequinn is a youth (kids 18 and under, and as young as 10 years old), in singles.  This means that they are alone in the boat, steering a tricky course with obstacles to avoid, and having to execute their race strategy with no motivation or help from other rowers or a cox'n.  These boats are also very tippy and require skill and concentration.  All that said, this is a fantastic race with some really quality rowing and it provides great experience for these kids.  We put many coaching launches on the course to keep an eye on everything and to lend a hand to kids that need it.  Our goal is to give these kids the best racing experience possible.

Because of this, we ask that powerboaters (all boaters, too) avoid the race course for the duration of the race.  So please plan to be below Eliot bridge PRIOR to Noon, or wait well above North Beacon St. until the last rower crosses the finish line (and they may be well back from the pack, so please be patient).  We know that really impacts Watertown and Newton Yacht Clubs, and powerboaters wishing to use the powerboat ramp and we really appreciate your help and cooperation.  Please adjust your plans accordingly.

We also understand that this, in some years, impacts the canoe and kayal rental, and we appreciate your willingness to work around the event.    Hopefully this year, with a later date, is less of a burden on you.

Thanks everyone!  It is a truly wonderful event and it could not happen without the support of the entire river community!

Check out the CRAB website at

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Friday, July 20, 2018

Fw: (CRAB) This Weekend on the Charles!!

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Saturday 9:30am - 12pm CBC Invitational Stake Race. Relay style out to stake, around and back, including eights, quads, and doubles.  Slightly upstream of Eliot Bridge to RBC and back.  Launches on course, power boat breaks.

Sunday  8-9pm Light Painting with Art Boats.  Free! Light Paintings on the Charles and in the park at Magazine Beach. Participants can drive remote controlled boats, control the color of lights on the boats and on land, or take long exposure phots to make collaborative light graffiti that explores how art can help communities claim public spaces. Contact for more info.


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